Works for College Admissions Art Portfolio

6 09 2016

The Students by Andrew Sapini, Charcoal 2016, drawn from observation


Self-Portrait in Blue by Andrew Sapini, Pastels 2014, drawn from observation


Anatomy Sketch by Andrew Sapini, Charcoals 2016, drawn from observation

Old Friends

Old Friends by Andrew Sapini, Oil on Canvas 2016


The Shipwreck by Andrew Sapini, Acrylics on canvas 2014


Self-portrait: 14th Brooklyn by Andrew Sapini, Oil on canvas, 2015


Woman by Andrew Sapini, Charcoals 2016, drawn from observation


The Female Model by Andrew Sapini, Charcoals 2016, drawn from observation


Death by Andrew Sapini, Watercolors, pen. paper cutouts 2015


Gettysburg by Andrew Sapini, Oil on canvas 2015


Still Life with Candles by Andrew Sapini, Charcoals 2013, drawn from observation


The Train Crash by Andrew Sapini, acrylics on canvas 2015


The British Navy by Andrew Sapini, Oil on wood with rope 2015


The Crimean War by Andrew Sapini, Oil on canvas 2016


Charge of the Prussian Calvary by Andrew Sapini, Oil on canvas 2016


The Great Christmas Truce by Andrew Sapini, Oil on canvas 2016


Franc0-Prussian War by Andrew Sapini, Oil on canvas 2016


Napoleon’s Soldiers by Andrew Sapini, Oil on canvas 2016


Ellsworth and his Avengers by Andrew Sapini, Pen on paper 2015


Yellow Flowers by Andrew Sapini, Watercolors 2014, drawn from observation


The Wanderer by Andrew Sapini, Watercolors 2014


Self Portrait by Andrew Sapini, Watercolors 2014, drawn from observation


The June Rebellion by Andrew Sapini, Colored pencils 2014


Octopus by Andrew Sapini, Ceramic sculpture 2015


Major John F. Reynolds by Andrew Sapini, Oil on canvas 2016


bye school

19 06 2013

I will miss this school, and graphic arts. I learned many things. I learned things in math like algebra I learned things in humanities like grammar and history, and we read many books. In science I learned how the world works and many facts. I had my science teacher ms Hayes for all 3 years. In latin I learned a new language. I also painted the latin teacher’s door. In graphic arts I learned many techniques. I am able to make a poster in 10 min. I am excited for high school, but will miss this school.



13 06 2013



13 06 2013

We are graduating. I will miss the school and graphic arts. I will take what I learned  with me.

I look at things a new way. Every time I see graphic arts or an animation I imagine how they did it. I understand now.

art show!!!!!!!!

12 06 2013

We had are art show. I helped set up and it was great. There are two sections a visual art section and graphic art one. I was the only 8th grader to have art in both!!! Everyones art looked great and the art show was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 



12 06 2013

W created magazine covers for an imaginary magazine. For an extra thing to do we made an article for it.


12 06 2013

We made a public service announcement. Mine was about the environment. We did it in flash.

After we made a poster for it. My catch phrase was “we only have one earth”


holiday bags

12 06 2013

We have designed holiday shopping bags. We choose an animal and masked it with type.

They looked good. HoHoHo!!!!!!!!!!

about me

2 12 2011

I’ve been drawing for a very long time.  I like to draw things that I imagine.  I love to read, especially historical fiction and non-fiction.  In my spare time, I like to play wii games, watch TV, go on computers, and have fun with my friends.

The New Graphic Arts Room

28 11 2011

I am in graphic arts, and we got new, state-of-the-art iMac computers and flat-screen TVs hanging on the walls. It is fun doing things on the computer. I think it is a great elective because we can do awesome things and special kinds of art that would be hard to do just by drawing. I Iike doing it because it fun. Making pictures and word art are some of the things I like to do. Some of the special software we have are iMovie, Photobooth, Garage Band, Chess, and Photoshop.